Important Dates

January 1

Effective date of current assessment

April 2 - 30 inclusive

Protest of assessment period for filing with Local Board of Review

May 1 - Adjournment

Board of Review meets each year

July 1

Signup deadline Homestead Tax Credit & Military Exemption

November 1

Signup deadline for Family Farm Tax Credit

October 9 - 31 inclusive

Protest period for filing with Board of Review on properties affected by changes in value as a result of Director of Revenue and Finance Equalization Orders (odd numbered years only.)

Filing is required on the following, if provisions have been made for exemptions as required:

  • Fruit Tree Reservations
  • Impoundment Structures
  • Native Prairies
  • Open Prairies
  • Forest Cover
  • River and Stream Banks
  • Recreational Lake
  • Family Farm Credit
  • Homestead Credit
  • Forest Preserve
  • Pollution Control
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Wetlands
  • Military Exemption
  • Industrial Partial 427B